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  • Shower Or Bath…

    is cleansing and relaxing unless there are medical situations that make it a worrisome burden. Things like PICC lines, IVs, wounds or incisions to name a few. All must be kept dry. Read More

  • No Trash Bags!…

    PATIENTS have tried trash bags, plastic food wrap, holding the limb out of the water stream and bulky, cumbersome cast covers. None of these offered much relief, but now there’s a solution. Read More

  • Order Now!

    Don’t hesitate! There is no better time then right now! So order now and get your own Versi Shield shipped to you today! Read More

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Versi Shield Is The Best Way To Protect Your PICC line!

Versi Shield aids in reducing caregiver time and expense in patient bathing and in the maintenance of PICC lines, IVs and dressings.

Versi Shield improves shower, bath and bed bath safety and efficiency.

Versi Shield helps prevent unscheduled and expensive PICC line, IV and dressing replacements due to soiling or moisture contamination.

Versi Shield helps reduce patient discomfort and high cost of treating acquired infections.

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